Rectorís Annual Parish Report 2017


In 2017 St. Markís celebrated her 170 birthday. What a wonderful dinner we had on the Feast of the Epiphany to celebrate. Thank you to all for making this such a wonderful and congenial evening.† What joy to know that for 170 years St. Markís has made such a difference in our Community.†

Did you know that our Parish House was the very first Gym in Islip.† The High School Basketball use to play there, before the School had a Gym of itsí own.

Did you know that the Islip Library was founded at St. Markís? Our Building usage has always benefited our Community and our Congregation.

We continue to use buildings well and for the greater good. This is an important part of our mission as a Church. We add value to life in Islip as an act of love.

It is important to keep up the buildings, and I must commend our Vestry, who have been wisely using interest money only from the Pinkerton Trust, to perform serious and necessary preservation on our historic buildings.† This at a time when our interest earnings are at an all time high.† Did you know that the Pinkerton Trust Principle can not be used with out a 75% vote of the whole parish at an All Parish Meeting.† We set this trust up in this way to insure the continuation of the Trust. Any moneyís or bequests to St. Markís will be protected into the future and the interest will be used for the work of Christ. What a God Send, to have the funds to complete this work, but please know that your Annual Pledge is vital to the work of St. Markís.† Our Budget is based on the financial support of our people, that the fund-raising efforts of the Thrift Shop and the ECW. Please do not neglect to do your part.

The other important focus, is that we have not allowed the reconstruction to take precedence over our mission.† In part we avoided this pit fall because we did not have to begin a capital improvement fund raising to take on the maintenance of our buildings.† This year we have record food intakes to feed the hungry.† This year we gave Christmas gifts to over 146 children. This year our Thrift Shop again hit new heights in service and in income.† It is better to give than to receive and I am so please that our out-reach continues to grow.† I think that what make St. Markís so special is that God has Blessed us with his Holy Spirit and we have been responded to the Lordís Call and reached out in love to a broken world.

In a similar calling, we have built up our own faith community, through Worship and prayer and Organizations like the ECW, The Brotherhood, Sunday School, Thrift Shop, Lay Eucharistic Visitors and such.† All in all, we continue play well together as brothers and sisters in Christ.

What does our Future hold for us?† If we sow good seeds, God will give the growth. Feed the Hungry, Cloth the Naked support these ministries with you time and talent and Treasure.

†If we invite others into the work, they will come. General invitation do not work. Ask face to face, person to person come and help me in this effort.† Participate or just be present.

If we ask others to join us in our worship many will. If we reach out in love, people will respond. Come to Church with me this Sunday.


The South Shore of Long Island is not running out of people.† So letís keep up the good work, and keep the faith alive, and lives will be transformed.