Alb: The white acolyte robe tied with a Cincture.

Cassock: The Black acolyte robe, worn with a white surplus. 

Chalice: The cup, with a stem and base, used for wine.

Ciborium: A covered receptacle for holding the consecrated wafers of the Eucharist.

Credence table the “server’s table” It’s the little table on the Epistle Side, where the bread, wine, lavabo and cruets are placed.


Crosier:  Bishop’s staff, the article that looks like a cane, but has the “crook” at the top

Cruets: The crystal or glass vessels that hold water and wine.

Epiclesis:  The part of the Eucharistic Prayer where the priest calls down the Holy Spirit to the bread and wine.  This is actually a Greek word that means “calling down from on high.”

Epistle Side: Facing the altar from the Nave, this is the side on the right, near the vesting room and credence table.

Gospel Side:  From the Nave, where the congregation sits, and facing the altar, it is the left side, where the pulpit and readings are done.