St Mark’s Church

Making Christ Know for over 170 years

A Church of Memorials

By Fr Rick Simpson

I recall The Rev. Gath’s Historic book on St. Mark’s Islip, calling us a “Church of Memorials.”  He paid close attention to the growth of St. Mark’s and how this growth went hand in hand with the many beautiful memorial gifts that allowed the Church to grow in her mission and presence along the Great South Bay.

Even in our own day, memorial gifts have been given for special purposes that have expanded our ministry.  The Baldwin family, remembering Charlie’s joy and presence in the St. Mark’s Kitchen and gave major gifts to renew that kitchen.  The remodeling of our Parish Kitchen happened because the Baldwin’s memorial more than doubled by many others who saw the vision of what the renewed kitchen would become to our Parish Family.  We are a Church of Memorials.

Again, the Pinkerton Family remembered St. Mark’s in their will, and we received a tithe from their estate.  That money was placed in a Trust to preserve the principle for the future generations, and to use the interest only income for the good works of the Church.  This is your Vestry doing good Work.  The Pinkerton Interest alone has enable the Vestry to do accomplish long over-due maintenance and reconstruction on the Church, The Rectory, The Parish House and the Education Wing.  The “Memorial Gift of the Pinkerton Family” has also encouraged others to support our building fund. 

We are apart of remarkable Christian Community that reaches out in love to the hungry, and those who need clothes.  Our most recent memorial gifts have help us keep our focus on the work of Jesus, and not on self-preservation. I am profoundly grateful for this.

You Can Continue the Tradition?

Naming St Mark’s Church as a beneficiary in your will is a simple way to support our future mission and presence in Islip.  You may hesitate because you are unsure of how much to give.  Think about a percentage gift amount instead of fixed amount. This way with the changes and chances in life, your gift will be proportional to your estate. 

Keep your family first, and yet still be supportive of our mission of our Lord.

1: Gift a percentage of your estate in your will to St. Mark’s

2: Leave the Church a percentage of your residual estate (The portion of your estate that remains after all the gifts have been made and all claims or the estate are satisfied.

3: Name St Mark’s as a beneficiary of a percentage of your life insurance policy or retirement account.

Did You Know that making out a Will does not cause Your Death?

If You Do Not Have a Will, The State of New York Has One For You, and You will Not Like It.