St. Mark’s Lion—Remade


One Morning in 2012, we received a call from a St Mark’s neighbor.  There was something wrong with our Lion which is mounted over the front doors of the Church.  There had been some vandalism at St Mary, East Islip, and they were concerned that our 125+ year old lion had suffered a similar fate.  When we went up for the inspection, we discovered no vandalism, but rather the rages of time had degraded the base of the Lion which had been previously repaired after the fire of 1989.  Dry rot and set in, and the gilded St Mark’s Lion was tipping.  We had to have the Lion removed.


That original Lion was carved by the Norwegian Carpenters who were brought in to build St Mark’s 2nd Building in 1880.  The was carved from fir, and it was beyond a good repair for out door display.


Mr Richard Selgrad, a long time member of St. Mark’s and a draftsman by trade, and an artist and carver of fine wooden ducks offer to have a go as carving a new St Mark’s Lion.  Dick took many photos, and filled a book with drawings of the old lion.  The Church thn had a large block of mahogany laminated together for Dick to carve.


The end result was beyond perfect.


Dick in now alive in the Lord, but his family and his parish Church are most grateful for this wonderful carving of St Mark’s Lion.  It is a lasting tribute.


Pax Tibi Marce Evangelista Meus…

 Peace Mark my Evangelist, Here your body shall rest.

With the Help of the Islip Fire Dept. Hook and Ladder Company, the 140 pound Gilded Lion was install in the Spring of 2012.  It was a joyous time for St Mark’s.

You  can see that the low section and the feet of the Original Lion was in great disrepair.

The Old Lion is on Display in a Case in the undercroft of St Mark’s

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