Hearing Loop System


St Mark’s Church has installed a hearing Loop system in the Church. Hearing Loop Technology takes the spoken word from the Church Sound system and feeds it through another amplifier to a magnetic Induction loop wire that runs around the inside perimeter on the Church.  Anyone one with a hearing aid with a Telephone Coil or telecoils (also called a t-coil or t-switch), that is now used in about 85 percent of all currently manufactured hearing aids. With the flip of a switch on the hearing aid or cochlear implant, a person’s hearing aid becomes a tiny, personalized receiver. setting will be able to hear everything quite well. 


With our aging population St Mark’s did not want anyone to be “left out of the loop” at Church.  If your hearing aids are not equipped with a T-loop setting, we have 4 receiver devises with headsets that can be used as well.  They are in the back of the Church. 


We are very excited about this new hearing system and we pray that it will be an invisible but loud addition to our worship at St Mark’s.


How Does IT Work

In its simplest form, an Induction Loop consists of a copper wire which is installed around the perimeter of the Church. The copper wire is connected to the Induction Loop amplifier which is fed with a signal from St Mark’s public address system. The loop amplifier drives an audio current through the loop which then generates a magnetic field inside  the Nave of the Church. Therefore, any hearing device (hearing aid or cochlear implant) properly set to its T-coil setting will receive the signal.


Who Can Use It

Any make of  Hear Aid with the T-coil setting or programing  can use this universal system.  Also anyone with a cochlear implant that has a t-coil setting can use this system as well.


St Mark’s also has four devises with head phones that can pick up the sound from the loop.  They can be found In the narthex of the Church.


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